Benefits – Why Us?

Are you researching service efficiency improvement tools? Ways to improve your hospital operations? Increased efficiency in healthcare? Strategies to improve patient flow? Ways to reduce costs? Patient flow and clinic management solutions deliver service benefits to patients and healthcare professionals alike:

Operational Managers

  • Reduction of patient check-in queues
  • Re-allocation of reception staff to value added tasks
  • Patients kept informed on a real-time basis
  • Reduction in DNAs due to increased data capture accuracy
  • Locate patients at every stage of an appointment from one central dashboard

IM&T Managers

  • Integrate with existing PAS using mulitple integration options including HL7 and Blue Prism
  • Increased trust competitiveness through adoption of innovative IT
  • IT solutions contributing to QIPP targets
  • IT support both remotely and on site at go-live
  • User Group and Customer Portal for change requests


  • Pre-set and filter enabled treatment and procedure codes – simply ‘tick a box’
  • Efficient and on time clinics with reduce paper chase
  • Instant recording of workload and recommendation/follow up required
  • Call own patients when ready from desktop to clinic room
  • Comprehensive eOutcomes training and support

Finance Managers

  • Lost revenue captured using eOutcomes
  • Reduction in lost income due to incomplete or misplaced paper outcome forms
  • Contribution to CQUIN targets
  • Opportunity for increased appointment bookings on clinics
  • Potential to recover investment in one year




If you would like to find out how we can help you to become more efficient and modernise your service delivery through the use of technology on our website, please contact us to discuss your requirements.