Clinic Wait Time Manager

The Intouch clinic Wait Time Manager capabilities assist clinic staff and operational managers in reviewing current clinic run rate times, identifying bottle necks and potential problem areas within their clinics. It also provides patients with information regarding the potential wait time for their appointment consultation.

The Intouch Wait Time Manager also allows the Trust to define the wait time parameters i.e. if a Clinic is running on average 10 minutes late, then the solution starts to inform the Trust selected channels. The patient can be informed at the point of check-in via the kiosk, on the calling screens or on their mobile device.

The integrated Intouch Wait Time Manager functionality provides data that shows (for each clinic running) the current wait time which is based on the following calculations:

  • Last wait time
  • Mean/Average
  • Median
  • Mode

Clinic managers can select which of the above calculations will be used to publish information. Current clinic wait times can be published to kiosks and/or the calling screens as required. This feature is a configurable option in the system and it allows kiosks and/or calling publishing to be turned on/off globally. In addition, kiosks and/or calling publishing can also be turned on/off for individual clinics.

The system captures and logs a number of key appointment events as patient’s progress through their outpatient journey: –

  • Time of arrival
  • Time of first call to department/sub wait
  • Time of arrival/move to department/sub wait
  • Time called for nurse assessment
  • Time nurses assessment started
  • Time nurses assessment departed
  • Time called for appointment (call into clinic/consultation room)
  • Time appointment started (arrival after a call or a move into clinic/consultation room)
  • Time appointment finished (departure from clinic consultation room)
  • Time of appointment completion

The specific requirements would be based on individual Trust requirements and these would be discussed during the building phase e.g. what defines the start and end of a patient’s wait period.

It is possible for a customer to decide whether they want to publish to the Intouch Wait Time Manager kiosks and/or the calling screens. There will be a global setting for each, but using the grid there is the facility to toggle this per clinic by clicking the relevant icons on the dashboard.