An electronic outcome solution for increased clinic efficiency and accurate payment data capture

Accurate data capture is vital to ensure that the correct payment is received and care pathways are followed up accurately and efficiently. Using paper outcome forms is a time consuming and inefficient process that can lead to incomplete or missing data resulting in lost income, and potentially clinical safety issues. In fact, many patients inadvertently leave the hospital with their outcome form.

On average, payment for outpatient procedures equates to 18% of a Trust’s income. A conservative estimate is that between 5% and 10% of income is lost through incomplete or misplaced outcome forms.

Based on these figures, the use of electronic outcome recording has the potential to generate millions of pounds of additional income per year.

Intouch has worked alongside clinicians to develop a comprehensive and easy to use electronic outcomes solution. Thus helping them to realise the benefits and time savings that completing outcome forms electronically can deliver.

The Intouch eOutcomes solution is a digital form designed to replace the use of paper for increased accuracy and efficiency. The Intouch eOutcomes solution enables the clinician to filter and select treatment and procedure codes according to the work they have carried out and update this instantly at their workstation.

An Intouch eOutcome form can be completed for all outpatient attendances, including patients that ‘Did Not Attend’ their appointment. The Intouch eOutcome form is accessed directly from the Intouch Activity dashboard and is typically completed at the time of consultation by the attending clinician.

Clinicians and administrative staff have the capability to run a historic search, by date, from the Intouch Activity dashboard to track patients that have not had an Intouch eOutcome form completed at the point of consultation. This search can also be filtered by specialty, clinic and/or clinician.

Data items captured on the Intouch eOutcome form are written back to the Trust PAS (Patient Administration System). Data items that are included in the write back process can be scoped and specified by each Trust. Data items can include Procedure Codes for payment, RTT Status and Outpatient/Inpatient wait list addition.

In the event that a clinician indicates a follow up appointment is required, the row colour on the Intouch Activity dashboard changes to purple – flagging an alert to administrative staff that further action is required.

Key Benefits

  • Flawless data quality
  • Auto creation of Follow-up lists with OPCS/ICD-10 & RTT codes
  • Outpatient outcomes and procedure codes instantly updates to PAS
  • Financial benefits for the Trust
  • Removes need for paper outcome forms and the associated validation process
  • Clinicians’ decision actioned instantly
  • Improved clinic efficiency and time saving
  • Clinician job plans run in parallel with clinical outcomes
  • 100% of outcome forms completed

Customer Testimonials

“…In my view the introduction of the system has been a complete success. It has greatly improved the compliance of doctors completing outcome forms which has resulted in better capture of outpatient procedure and a dramatic increase in income.”

Head of Service – Ophthalmology, United Lincoln Hospitals




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