Intouch Hardware, in support of our core Intouch Platform product set, can supply standard or bespoke hardware solutions to improve hospital efficiency. The Intouch Hardware product range is supplied by our partners and is regularly refreshed and updated to keep in line with the market trends whilst maintaining excellent value for money.

These hardware solutions are provided by the ‘best of breed’ suppliers in their fields to ensure our customers get the best product available and to provide options to fit most requirements in hospitals and clinics.

Kiosk Range

Intouch Hardware supply a number of kiosk options; these include 3 Sided Prism Kiosks, single kiosk options in free-standing, wall mounted or desk mounted models to suit all clinics.

All of these kiosk surrounds come integrated with a leading touch-screen model of its type and associated peripheral devices such as bar code scanners.

Digital Signage/ Calling Range

Intouch Hardware supply a number of digital signage options with a wide range of screen sizes; these include standard 28″, 32″, 37″, 40″, 42″, 46″, 47″, 50″ and 60″ flat screen options.




This digital signage range is supplied by many of the main manufacturers e.g. LG, Samsung, and Sony etc. The screens are supplied with either integrated or external small factor PC’s or alternatively can supplied with an external player to provide a media rich solution. Intouch Hardware can also supply a 12″ room Calling Screen if required.

Intouch can provide bespoke hardware solutions that match our customers’ brand and vision. Examples include floor standing totems or small screens to indicate room availability (in conjunction with the Intouch Room Booking module).

Each of these solutions can be supported by advanced media player packages such as Sedao http://sedao.co.uk/ or Saturn http://www.saturnvisual.com/.

Alternatively, Intouch can provide our own digital signage solution via our Intouch Message Centre supported by Small Factor PC’s.