Hospital Patient Activity Manager

Hospital Patients’ activities and tests managed efficiently on a dashboard system

Intouch Activity Manager supports the efficient management of hospital patients that require tests and/or other activities during their Outpatient encounter. It assists clinicians, nurses and other staff through the availability of highly visual information about patient statuses. It supports informed decision making around next steps to engage in each patient’s flow. The advanced capability helps to ensure that no ‘blind-spots’ occur at any stage during the patients encounter.

The viewing and control of Intouch Activity Manager is via a number of role-related dashboards with commonly recognisable icons to show where the patient is, what test they are having, or which patient is due to have what test, at which point.

This module has been built in conjunction with a number of NHS Trusts and has been designed to be flexible and usable in all clinical environments.

Most other solutions either allow you to ‘book’ a test in a ‘just in time’ format or to book in advance, potential activities and tests into set work-streams. The user is then left with either having to add all activities and tests on to a system for each patient each day or is forced to stick to a rigid workflow, i.e. all patients have a blood test, then see the consultant then may require to see a nurse etc. In reality a busy clinic does not work in this way.

Intouch Activity Manager allows the user to book any number of activities and tests in advance, link those activities and tests to specific clinic codes, areas and rooms and set a patient on a pre-planned work-stream.

Additionally, patients can have ad hoc activities and tests added to their visit at any time, and these are automatically linked to locations and will seamlessly interact with the Intouch product set and, defined work-streams.