Hospital Patient Check-In

Patients can register their arrival without attending reception

Intouch Check-in is an easy to use patient check-in module designed to enable hospital patients to register their arrival for a pre-booked appointment without the need to attend reception.

The Intouch Check-in system has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It encourages the majority of patients to check themselves in for their appointment which in turn ensures the Hospital or Trust secures a quick return on their investment.

The emphasis of Intouch Check-in is very much on improving the patient experience by fast tracking them through the check-in process and to keep them better informed about the status of their clinic.

By eliminating check-in queues and allowing patients to self check-in, reception staff can be released to address more value added tasks or be redeployed to other areas. Patients are also more relaxed and comfortable in preparation for their appointment.

Using interactive touch screen kiosks, patients can check-in by either scanning a barcoded appointment letter containing their appointment details, or by entering their name and postcode to identify their appointment. When a successful check-in is complete, a message is displayed advising the patient which waiting area to proceed to for their appointment.

Intouch understands the benefits and efficiency gains that hospital self check-in delivers. Over 30 NHS trusts are currently using the Intouch Check-in module to allow hundreds of hospital patients to check-in for their appointments every day, with an average daily kiosk usage rate of 85%.

We believe that the key to success with hospital self-service lies in making the check-in process as easy and user friendly as possible for the patient. That is why we will configure your Intouch self check-in kiosks individually depending on your particular requirements, resulting in the highest possible usage rate.

Intouch will work with you to conduct a full evaluation of your self-service requirements, and also offer full site survey and business case documentation support and customer-led reference site visits to engage key stakeholders.

Key Benefits of Intouch Check-in

  • Interacts with Intouch Flow Manager so that PAS generated flags are validated at point of check-in.
  • Improved patient experience as kiosks reduce queues, support multiple languages, and offer high-visibility for visually impaired users.
  • Allows the patients to check demographics and offers the functionality for the patient to update their details on the kiosk, or be sent to reception for Trust staff to validate changes.
  • Allows mini questionnaires to be added to the check-in process e.g. “UK Resident” question.
  • Gives specific messages at point of check-in; early for their appointment messages, late for their appointment messages and patient or group specific messages.
  • Defined location directional messaging from any kiosk to any location across the clinic, Hospital or Trust.

Kiosk Hardware

Intouch supply a number of check-in kiosk options; these include 3 Sided Prism Kiosks, single kiosks options in free-standing, wall mounted or desk mounted models.

All of these kiosk surrounds come integrated with a leading touch-screen model of its type and associated peripheral devices such as bar code scanners.