Hospital Patient Flow Manager

Efficient management of hospital patients with our medical dashboard system

Intouch Hospital Patient Flow Manager is designed to give hospital staff and management a clear, accurate and real time view of the location of a patient throughout the duration of their appointment.

Intouch Flow Manager is the central management system that brings together all of the Intouch products such as: Intouch Check-in, Intouch Calling, Intouch eOutcomes and Intouch Mobile to provide a wealth of information designed to improve efficiency.

Once a patient has successfully checked-in using a kiosk or mobile phone, their details are made visible on the Intouch Flow Manager dashboard.

From here, a number of icons are used to help identify a patient’s requirements such as: vulnerable patient, visually impaired or interpreter required. Dashboard icons also indicate demographic status such as, ‘details incorrect’, ‘details checked and correct’ and ‘demographics updated in PAS’.

Patients can be directed manually or automatically through the various stages of their clinical appointment via Call Screens or through the Intouch Flow Manager dashboard, or Intouch Calling on their mobile phones. Flow Manager can also help to manage patients’ clinical activities such as X-Rays or Blood Tests.

Key benefits of Intouch Flow Manager

  • Clear, accurate view of a patient’s location in the hospital or clinic.
  • Icons indicate if a patient needs special assistance and any demographic changes.
  • Multiple user profiles to allow required access levels and functions.
  • Manage complex clinical pathways.
  • Appointments held on different systems can be managed through the Flow Manager Dashboard.

“Patients and visitors can now select their destination from a directory, and the kiosk provides them with directions. This makes it a lot easier for people to find their way around the hospital.”

Will Smart, Director of Information Management and Technology, Royal Free London Hospitals NHS Trust