Hospital Wayfinding

Electronic Mapping is a kiosk based map module designed to assist with the efficient movement of patients around busy hospitals

As an addition to self check-in, or as a stand alone kiosk, Intouch hospital Wayfinding electronic mapping enables your patients to quickly and easily access instructions to guide them to their destination within the hospital. These clear and user friendly instructions remove the requirement for staff to repeat directions to patients on a frequent basis, and allow patients to reach their destination on time via the most direct and efficient route.

When Intouch Wayfinding is used as part of the self check-in process, the option to obtain route details is presented after check-in. When used as a stand alone kiosk, Intouch Wayfinding kiosks can be located at key locations for patients when moving around the hospital. This is particularly beneficial for large hospitals or outpatient departments when a patient has more than one appointment during their visit.

By providing patients with instructions, they are more comfortable and assured that they are heading in the right direction. This in turn increases patient satisfaction and improves the patient experience.

Our Intouch Wayfinding module can display kiosk based directions in a number of formats throughout the hospital, ranging from simple static images through to 3D virtual reality journeys that simulate the route to your patient’s location.




Key Benefits of Intouch Hospital Wayfinding

  • Improved handling of multiple appointments as a patient may need to be at different locations in the hospital. Wayfinding ensures they find their way quickly and efficiently.
  • Efficient use of staff time as they are no longer required to stop and give out directions verbally. Therefore, their time is used more efficiently for other tasks.
  • Improved patient experience as they patient feels relaxed about finding their way and not panicked about getting lost.