Mobile Appointment Manager

Mobile patient check-in to register arrival at hospital

The Intouch Mobile platform has been designed to provide hospital patients with more flexibility when managing their appointments, including the ability to check-in for a pre-booked appointment, and to be called to a specific clinic location.

For those patients who are already familiar with the self check-in process using kiosks, the process will be very similar to what they have previously experienced within hospitals.

This solution will allow patients to view, arrive themselves and be called to appointments anywhere within the Trust buildings, assuming WIFI is available.

Patients can download the App for their smart phone from their App Store and by using the same type of patient identification criteria i.e. Gender/Month of Birth/Day of Birth/Postcode etc. they are able to arrive themselves for their appointments in complete confidentiality.

Intouch Mobile will allow hospital patients to wait anywhere within a short walking distance of the appointment area (such as a coffee shop) knowing that they will be called via their App when their Trust clinical team are ready to see them.

Using Intouch Mobile also means patients can be asked, on the App, to check their demographics and confirm additional clinic related questions. Intouch Mobile can additionally provide clinical advice regarding the patient’s type of appointment and relay messages from the Trust team directly to the patient.

With billions of new apps being developed everyday, the future has finally evolved.

  • The volume of mobile phones is much higher than PCs.
  • The average time spent on mobile apps is 64%
  • On an average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.
  • People use mobile apps 6 times more than the websites.

Intouch Mobile also includes appointment reminders and friends and family surveys.

Key benefits of Intouch Mobile Appointment Manager

  • Ability to check-in and view appointment detail in own time
  • Offers more confidential approach to hospital check-ins.
  • Allows patients to relax and sit anywhere in the hospital before being called to their appointment
  • Patients can be informed of the running times and status of their appointment directly to their phone.
  • Patient can be contacted directly and confidentially when attending their appointment via their phone