Integrated Patient Flow from Intouch with Health Integrated patient flow
management solutions
Learn More Processing approximately 56% of all NHS outpatient
attendances, the Intouch Platform processes 55 million
outpatient appointments annually, utilising real-time
data and integrated blended pathways to improve
patient flow and support more effective patient care.
Home Slider - Virtual Clinics Integrated
Virtual Clinics
Learn More The fully PAS / EPR integrated video and phone consultations solution designed specifically for hospital settings. The optimum blended clinics experience for hospital staff and patients.
Remote patient check-in and calling with Mobile Mobile patient
check-in and calling
Learn More Enable patients to self check-in outside
the hospital and wait outside to be called
to their appointment.

Improve infection prevention and social
distancing measures.
Extend your reception service with iReceptionist Your reception -
everywhere, anytime.
Learn More iReceptionist connects patients and hospital visitors to a centralised reception team via free-standing kiosks, improving social distancing measures, the patient experience and realising significant operational efficiencies.

Improved Patient Experience

Reducing patient anxiety and improving their overall experience

Productivity & Efficiency Gains

By ensuring that staff work more effectively

Financial Gains

£450m per annum for efficiency & productivity combined

Return on Investment

ROI of between 8 - 12 months

Digital solutions for efficient and effective patient flow

The Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform enables
NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to manage entire
patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an
efficient manner.

The Intouch Platform currently processes over 52 million
NHS outpatient appointments annually and supports over 70
NHS Trusts improve communication and information
management, reduce costs, and improve overall quality.

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