Award-winning patient flow management from Intouch with Health Integrated patient flow
LEARN MORE Our award-winning platform enables hospitals to
manage all aspects of a patient’s hospital journey,
delivering efficient and effective blended patient flow.

Our platform currently processes over 30 million
NHS outpatient appointments every year and
supports over 50 NHS Trusts.
Remote patient check-in and calling with Mobile Remote patient
check-in and calling
LEARN MORE Improve infection prevention measures and
reduce the patients inside your hospital.

Enable patients to self check-in outside
the hospital and wait outside to be called
to their appointment.
Extend your reception service with iReceptionist Your reception -
everywhere, anytime.
LEARN MORE Connect patients and visitors to a centralised
reception team, improving the patient
experience and realising operational
efficiencies with iReceptionist.
Home Slider - Virtual Clinics Virtual Clinics LEARN MORE Immediately reduce patient numbers into hospital with
Virtual Clinics - the PAS integrated virtual consultations solution.

Minimal training required.

From authenticated patient check-in to digital outcome.

Improved Patient Experience

Reducing patient anxiety and improving their overall experience

Productivity & Efficiency Gains

By ensuring that staff work more effectively

Financial Gains

£450m per annum for efficiency & productivity combined

Return on Investment

ROI of between 8 - 12 months

Why Choose Us?

Our patient flow and clinic management solutions
deliver service benefits to patients and healthcare
professionals alike.

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