About Us

Delivering digital innovation and healthcare process improvement.

Intouch with Health was established in 1999 and specialises in delivering IT-based patient flow management solutions to help Hospitals and private healthcare providers, in the UK and internationally, increase organisational efficiency and deliver an improved patient experience.

The Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform enables NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner.

The Intouch Platform currently processes over 30 million NHS Outpatient appointments annually and supports over 110 NHS Hospitals improve communication and information management, reduce costs, and improve overall quality.

Processing approximately 31% of all NHS Outpatient attendances, the Intouch Platform utilises real-time data and integrated blended pathways to improve patient flow and support more effective patient care. 

An introduction to the Intouch Patient Journey Platform

Patient Flow Manager
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Patient Check-in
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Mobile Appointment Manager
Appointment Manager
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Room & Resource Manager

Room & Resource Manager

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Patient Activity Manager
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Our mission

Driving healthcare efficiencies to improve Patient experience using innovative technologies, to put control into the hands of the people that matter… the Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Improving patient flow in hospital settings

We  break down the patient journey into separate phases that in turn are managed using one of our digital patient and information management modules. By helping hospitals and healthcare organisations implement phased management of the patient journey using digital solutions, we help them to tackle industry challenges by delivering:

  • An improved patient experience
  • Accurate electronic data capture and electronic records
  • Quality improvement
  • Efficiency gains through digital transformation
  • Improved capacity management
  • Overall process improvements and cost reductions and, importantly…
  • A Return on Investment (RoI) of between 8 and 12 months

Our digital healthcare management solutions are used by both patients and staff at different phases of the hospital journey to deliver a holistic approach to healthcare management.