ACT Health in Australia launches Intouch Patient Journey Platform

Digital patient journey specialists Intouch with Health are thrilled to announce the ACT Health Directorate has introduced new digital technology to improve the way it manages the flow of outpatients across its sites territory-wide.

Using the Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform, patient self-check-in kiosks and digital patient calling boards have been introduced at Canberra Hospital, The University of Canberra Hospital, as well as in community health centres at Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Phillip and Belconnen. Canberra Hospital is the largest public hospital in the region, providing care to more than 500,000 people through a range of services that include acute inpatient and day services, outpatient services, women’s and children’s services, paediatrics and pathology.

The digital kiosks allow patients to register their arrival by entering their name and date of birth on screen or scan a barcoded appointment letter or their Medicare card, minimising the requirement for a receptionist to manually administer a patient’s arrival.

Patients can also electronically sign their Medicare form for billing authorisation.

Digital patient calling boards located in waiting areas now allow clinicians and healthcare staff to electronically alert patients when they are to be seen next.

New patient flow management software has also been introduced and will allow staff to track the location of each patient for the duration of their appointment using an electronic dashboard to manage each stage of the patient journey, including for example, the status of blood tests and booking follow-up appointments.

Electronic appointment outcome forms have also been introduced to reduce paper trails while increasing the collection of accurate data and it will be used by clinicians to capture the outcome of all patient appointments.

The project has been delivered in partnership with ACT Health by UK based patient flow management specialists, Intouch with Health, and the company’s Australian distributor, Device Technologies.

All technology is integrated with ACT Health’s local patient administration system, ACTPAS, and uses bi-directional messaging (HL7) which provides time stamps for patient arrival, consultation start time, consultation end time, and consultation complete when a patient has departed.

‘A patient-centred approach is a core component of our Digital Health Strategy, and the introduction of digital kiosks that assist with queue management, electronic way-finding and patient check-in services improve the experience for health consumers’, said ACT Health CIO Mr Peter O’Halloran.

Intouch with Health COO Kevin Fletcher said: 'Intouch with Health is extremely proud to be part of the delivery of new digital solutions into the Australian Capital Territory, our first International deployment.

I would like to thank all the ACT staff, volunteers and patients, who supported in the consultation’s  during the implementation period of the patient flow and wayfinding software.'

ACT Health in Australia