Optimising Patient Flow and Releasing Staff Time at Aintree University Hospital

In the first of a new video series focusing on real experiences of digital transformation within the NHS, staff at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust share their experiences of the Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform.

In August 2018, Intouch provided a cohesive solution to transform the resource intensive system Aintree University Hospital was using to support the Outpatients department, which sees 540,000 patients per year.

The Intouch Platform enables Aintree University Hospital to manage its resources more efficiently than ever, whilst also offering an improved patient experience. Aintree University Hospital also benefits from an enhanced communications infrastructure, supported by the Intouch Platform.

Results Since Platform Deployment

Since deployment of the Intouch Platform, the following benefits have been realised:

  • Recurrent annual savings of over £250,000
  • Return on investment within 6-8 months
  • Over 90% of patients choosing to use the kiosks instead of reception
  • A sustained reduction in DNAs
  • Data to identify bottleneck areas
  • Increased visibility of the patient’s journey
  • Provides patients with control over their appointments
  • 87% of patients happy with the service
Customer Comment

David Jones, Associate Director of Transformation at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commented “Intouch alleviated and smoothed a lot of our anxieties about implementation of technology and actually helped us to do the project. Importantly for me, they didn’t just come in with a product and then leave.

They stayed with us, they were flexible, they were responsive to the needs of the organisation and the patients. It was extremely refreshing that Intouch were comfortable in demonstrable hard measures as well: saving cash, hard measures of throughput, turnaround times in outpatients and the numbers of patients going through.

Some of these hard demonstrable, dashboard measures some companies are quite nervous about because you either do them, or you don’t. Intouch were confident in their products and their abilities to sign-up with the Trust to being able to provide that assurance and value for money on a continuing basis.”

For further information on this project and other digital transformation projects within the NHS, please contact the team on info@intouchwithhealth.co.uk