The most digitally advanced hospital in the NHS – Digital Innovation feature

Chase Farm Hospital share their transformation journey to become the most digitally advanced hospital in the NHS with Digital Innovation.

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Part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation, Chase Farm is widely recognised as leading the 'digital hospital' model.

Just seven months after opening, Chase Farm Hospital was confirmed as a HIMSS EMRAM Level 6 organisation. Chase Farm is also one of only three NHS hospitals recognised as operating at this advanced level of digital maturity.

On 28 January 2019, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, referenced Chase Farm Hospital in his keynote address to the Health Tech Alliance. Mr Hancock called Chase Farm “one of the most digitally advanced hospitals in the country" and one of the hospitals 'getting it right'.

Glenn Winteringham, Group Chief Digital Officer at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust says, “It has been an incredible couple of years, successfully implementing our Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme of work with the full support of our clinicians and Trust board. The jewel in the crown of our GDE programme has been opening the new Chase Farm Hospital”.

The Intouch Platform at Chase Farm Hospital

Within the feature, Mr. Winteringham discusses the importance of Intouch with Health's role in digitising the outpatient journey.

Intouch’s Flow Manager is the control centre of the outpatient journey at Chase Farm.

Using Flow Manager via desktop, laptop or tablet, authorised staff instantly see when a patient has arrived for their appointment. A patient's precise location in the hospital is displayed to authorised staff. Patients are also called forward for their appointment by a digital calling screen.

At the end of the patient’s appointment, clinicians use the system to access an electronic outcome form (eOutcomes). This allows clinicians to accurately record procedures and referral treatment codes or request the booking of a follow up appointment.

The hospital staff also utilise Intouch’s real-time business intelligence module (Performance Manager) to monitor KPIs. This alerts operational staff to any lengthy clinic delays and also highlights any clinics not completing eOutcome forms.

When commenting on the Intouch platform, Mr. Winteringham says, “Doctors now call patients into the consulting room using a digital screen in the waiting area and we now have 100 per cent electronic outcoming of the appointments, as it is done in real time in the consultation.”