Double health-tech award win for Intouch’s digital pre-op platform

Intouch with Health is thrilled to announce its digital pre-op platform, Synopsis, has won awards at both the Health Tech Digital Awards 2020, and the Forward Healthcare Awards 2020.

Intouch was nominated at both awards in conjunction with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in recognition of the significant results achieved since Synopsis iQ and Synopsis Home were deployed across the Trust in February 2020.

Synopsis won the ‘Best Healthcare Management Solution’ category at the Health Tech Digital Awards and the ‘Enhancing Care through Technology’ category at the Forward Healthcare Awards 2020.

Both accolades have been awarded following an extensive grading process conducted by independent judging panels. Both judging panels examined pre-deployment evidenced-based research conducted by the Intouch team (outlining the impact the digital pre-operative process would make), alongside post-deployment data from Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, evidencing the impact the solutions have made.

Mike Sanders, Chief Executive Officer at Intouch with Health said “We are delighted that our Synopsis pre-operative assessment solution has been recognised at both the Health Tech Digital Awards and the Forward Healthcare Awards.

“In a year that has seen significant challenges presented to the NHS and healthcare internationally, Synopsis iQ and Synopsis Home have been vital in helping our customers restart their elective procedures.

“I am thrilled for the whole Intouch with Heath team and especially those closely involved with Synopsis that their hard work has been recognised. I would also like to thank the team at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust – expertly led by Rachel Foley. The entire team at Worcestershire have been a pleasure to work with throughout the project.”

Introducing a digital pre-op process at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Following the deployment of Synopsis at Worcestershire, patients no longer need to visit a hospital to complete their pre-operative assessment (POA) health questionnaire. Instead, using a link sent by the Trust to their phone, patients can complete their questionnaire at home. They no longer need to block time out of their day to physically travel to the hospital for their POA appointment with a nurse. Instead, Synopsis Home gives patients the option to complete their POA questionnaire anytime, anywhere.

For the Trust’s staff, Synopsis saves time and facilitates instant information sharing. When a patient completes their questionnaire at the hospital via Synopsis iQ or at home via Synopsis Home, the answers are shared instantly with the Trust’s pre-op team. Risk assessment levels are supported (including ASA, POSPOM and Stop-Bang scores), alongside cardiac risk and lung risk levels, providing care teams with all relevant information to triage patients with high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Please click here to learn more about this project and why it has been recognised for both pre-op awards.

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