Free Synopsis Home pre-op health questionnaire pilot announced

Registration deadline: 19th June 2020

Free pre-op assessment solution for 3 months

Intouch with Health is delighted to announce a free pilot for 3 months to support NHS Trusts immediately tackle the escalating pre-op backlog brought about by the need for hospitals to delay elective surgery.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS has postponed a significant amount of elective operations, with estimates ranging from 4 - 7 million after non-emergency surgery was cancelled for at least 3 months in order to free-up beds and re-deploy staff for coronavirus patients.

As attention begins to turn to reducing this backlog and preventing it increasing further, Intouch with Health is releasing Synopsis Home, for free, from May to July, across the NHS.

Immediately enable patients to complete pre-op questionnaires from home

Deployed within 24 hours and ready for patients to use, Synopsis Home enables patients to complete their pre-operative health questionnaire from the comfort of their home, reducing risk to patients and continuing to support social distancing.

The questionnaire answers are then sent to the Trust (including ASA risk score support).  This allows pre-operative assessment departments to triage and ‘swim-lane’ patients into the correct fitness and readiness categories ahead of surgery.

The Synopsis Home health questionnaire can be completed on any mobile, tablet or PC device, and on average, takes just 8 minutes for the patient to securely complete.

Patients self-register and are in control of sharing their data.

Synopsis Home is the introduction to the Synopsis pre-operative platform, serving as the foundation to a fully integrated digital pre-operative process.

Contact the team on for further information on the complete Synopsis platform.

Deployed within 24 hours and ready for patients to use

Synopsis Home can be deployed at pace and with minimal resources required. In order to deploy Synopsis Home, our team simply require;

  • a Trust / hospital logo
  • an email address to send the questionnaire results to

Intouch with Health will do the rest.

As the triage process remains unchanged following patients submitting the questionnaire results, process change and impact on ways-of-working are kept to a minimum. Synopsis Home supports the drive to maximise operational efficiencies, with minimal impact on a hospital’s internal resources.

Supporting social distancing measures

By enabling patients to complete their pre-op health questionnaire remotely, patient numbers inside the hospital are kept to a minimum. Pre-operative assessment departments can triage patients without requiring patients to sit in close proximity inside waiting rooms. Hospital staff also reduce contact frequency with patients.

“We have a responsibility to support the NHS”

Intouch with Health CEO, Mike Sanders commented “Pre-operative assessment and theatre backlog are significant challenges for the NHS, closely following what has been an incredibly difficult time for healthcare as a whole.

As an organisation, we firmly believe we have a responsibility to support the NHS. Our drive behind this is that by offering Synopsis Home for free for 3 months, pre-operative assessments teams across the NHS will be able to efficiently tackle their pre-op backlog and channel patients into suitable theatre slots as quickly as possible – helping the NHS to recover the lost ground brought about by having to postpone surgery.”

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