HTN Now Sessions - 'Redesigning patient journeys and improving access to services'

Join King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Intouch with Health, Healthcare Communications and Synopsis for a special event on June 16th at 11am at the HTN Now sessions - Redesigning patient journeys and improving access to services'.

Nine months ago, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust set out on a bold journey to implement scalable technologies to provide patients with a first-class communications experience at every touchpoint of their care. Discover how far King’s have travelled as they explore the patient-centric solutions driving this vision across the entire region - ensuring no patient is left behind.

This 1 hour presentation will include an extensive Q&A section at the end if you wish to ask the speakers any questions relating to this significant digital transformation project across King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Why attend?

Learn how the NHS Trust is managing the seismic shift to digital channels whilst ensuring no patient is left behind, amidst a growing UK digital divide.

During the presentation, the speakers will discuss:

  • Integrated patient flow – virtual visits and patients attending in person from one platform
  • Efficient patient load balancing with real-time visibility of pressure spots
  • Digitising the pre-operative assessment process
  • Shifting to a digital-first engagement approach without excluding any patient groups
  • Why partnering with suppliers from the same ecosystem is integral to success
  • Deploying follow ups by exception to unlock future capacity

Session name:  Redesigning patient journeys and improving access to services

When: June 16th at 11am

Where: The HTN Now sessions (registration link below)

  • Jonathan Lofthouse - Site Chief Executive, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Charlotte English – Senior Improvement Lead, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Pete Beaumont – Sales Director, Intouch with Health
  • Kenny Bloxham - Managing Director, Healthcare Communications
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The HTN Now sessions are a series ‘for the moment’ or ‘for the now’, where we curate a series of sessions to support our continued focus to share experiences, learnings, new innovations and technologies from across health and care.

The sessions will be centred around real-life examples, projects, technologies and innovations that are happening right now. The sessions will help provide a platform to discuss these projects, the idea or approach, what they have done, how they have done it, what has been delivered and what they have learned.

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