Intouch with Health and Strata Health improve access to A&E care

Patient flow specialist, Intouch with Health, has announced a new collaboration with patient transition technology company, Strata Health.

The collaboration is intended to accelerate patient access to the most-appropriate care upon presentation at accident and emergency departments in the UK.

Mike Sanders, CEO at Intouch with Health, added: "Using our patient-friendly kiosk technology to access Strata Health's resource matching functionality upon arrival at A&E, patients be matched in real-time to more-appropriate care options unless actual emergency A&E care is required. This will ensure that A&E resources remain available for those patients really needing acute interventions.

Clint Schick, Managing Director at Strata Health, said: “As we approach winter flu season, A&E resources are under strain to provide timely triage and services as visits to A&E increase.

“We have joined with Intouch with Health to combine Strata’s “intelligent patient resource matching technology with Intouch’s industry-leading patient-facing kiosk, registration and triage solutions."

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