Intouch with Health appointed supplier on the QE Facilities Framework

Intouch with Health is pleased to announce its inclusion on the QE Facilities Framework, enabling its dedicated pre-operative assessment platform, Synopsis, to be procured through the framework.

QE Procurement, a division of QE Facilities, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. QE Procurement has built a track record of supporting NHS organisations in procuring complex IT solutions which support the effective and efficient delivery of patient care.

Following the approval processes, VitalHub UK COO Kevin Fletcher said: “We are delighted to be included on the QE Facilities Framework. This framework has grown out from one NHS organisation to support other NHS organisations to ensure their requirements are met by suppliers. As a result, we can support Trusts deliver process change at a pace to their pre-operative assessment pathways. These improvements are proving pivotal in supporting Trusts not only improve theatre utilisation but also improving social distancing and infection prevention measures in response to COVID-19.”

More on the QE Procurement and the QE Facilities Framework

QE Facilities framework offers NHS organisations the ability to procure complex clinical IT solutions quickly, ranging from small departmental systems through to electronic patient record (EPR) systems. Unlike some frameworks, the final specification is set by the NHS organisation, ensuring the supplier meets the individual needs and requirements is set by the NHS organisation.

These solutions are supported by NHS standard contracts tailored to local requirements. As a result, NHS organisations will procure a customised solution with a contract to match, representing value for money.

More on Intouch with Health

Intouch with Health is the prime supplier of patient flow management solutions to the NHS acute sector.  The award-winning Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform enables NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to manage all aspects of a patient’s hospital journey.

Intouch with Health currently processes over 30 million NHS outpatient appointments every year and supports over 50 NHS Trusts improve communication and information management, reduce costs and improve overall quality. Intouch with Health is a VitalHub company.

Intouch with Health appointed supplier QE Facilities Framework