Intouch with Health named finalist ahead of the Business Leader Awards 2020

Intouch with Health is pleased to announce it has been named as a finalist at the Business Leader Awards 2020.

Intouch with Health has been shortlisted in the Innovation and Technology category in recognition of the impact made by Synopsis, Intouch’s complete pre-operative assessment platform.

The Business Leader Awards recognises organisations of all sizes from all industries. Following a written submission, teams of independent judges critique the entries before conducting two separate rounds of interviews with the applicants, before deciding on the published shortlist.

Andrew Scott, founder of the Awards, comments: “We need successful businesses and entrepreneurs and these awards provide a platform for them to showcase what they do and celebrate their success. It’s a huge endorsement of the innovation that despite the pandemic and everything thrown at business leaders, we’ve still seen a record number of entries.”

In the absence of a physical awards event, the winners will be announced late 2020, with a celebration event planned for 2021 when appropriate.

Innovating the digital pre-operative assessment pathway

Synopsis is the complete digital pre-operative assessment platform, from initial questionnaire through to post-operative outcomes. Providing clarity, efficiency and value, Synopsis supports NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations reduce cancellation rates and risk, increase patient throughput and theatre utilisation.

The Synopsis Platform was expanded in 2020 with the inclusion of Synopsis Home alongside Synopsis iQ. Synopsis Home enables patients to begin the pre-operative pathway from the comfort, convenience and safety of their home by completing their pre-operative health questionnaire digitally. Once the health questionnaire is completed, it is then shared directly with the hospital, allowing the care team to triage patients more efficiently than ever before.

By reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits, Synopsis Home helps release time for staff. Released time within the pre-assessment process enables staff to optimise time with high-risk patients, who require more one-to-one time. Spending more clinical time with high-risk patients provides the opportunity to better educate them on pre and post-surgery care, leading to reductions in post-surgery re-admissions.

Improving the pre-operative pathway at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

The introduction of Synopsis at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has facilitated a reduction in the number of patients attending hospital for a full POA, reducing the hospital activity time of a pre-assessment by 21% , while increasing pre-operative capacity.

Since launching Synopsis at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust:

  • Between Go-Live of Synopsis Home on the 21st May, and the 30th June, 50% of pre-op patients used Synopsis to complete their POA questionnaire outside of hospital.
  • In July, this number increased further, with 64% of patients using Synopsis Home to complete their POA questionnaire out of hospital
  • Across the trust’s four hospitals, teams reached their target of completing 750 POA questionnaires using Synopsis by the end of the first month of deployment (February), demonstrating positive uptake by hospital staff
  • The lag time between the patients being referred for a pre-assessment appointment and completing their triage questionnaire has been reduced from weeks to days. On average a patient is sharing their triage questionnaire back to the hospital within just 3 days
  • POA can be completed safely within a two week period as a result of an increasing number of patients completing their questionnaires remotely
  • 18% of patients submit answers remotely before work (pre 9am), 31% submit answers during their lunch break (12 – 2pm)
  • 41% reduction in the overall cost of the pre-assessment process within 12-months
Intouch with Health is finalist at the Business Leader Awards 2020