Lord Carter of Coles commends Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust electronic outcomes project on visit to hospital

Lord Patrick Carter of Coles, the figure charged by the Government in 2016 to help improve efficiency in the NHS, has commended Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s implementation of a digital appointment outcomes project designed to replace paper outcome forms and improve clinic efficiency.

Lord Carter visited Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust on Wednesday (25 October) to view the implementation of eOutcomes from digital patient flow specialists, Intouch with Health.

The Trust launched the digital outcome form solution in July 2015. It enables clinicians to record the outcome of a patient appointment – including referral to treatment and procedure codes – using a digital form on their computer, eliminating the use of paper forms and improving both the efficiency and accuracy of information fed back to the Trust’s patient administration system.

Mat Swabey, Senior Project Support Manager, and Samantha Sheridan, Head of Patient Access at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust talked Lord Carter through the implementation of the solution, describing the improvements and cost savings made by the Trust since its launch.

Mat will talk about the benefits that the Trust has realised at the forthcoming conference in Cambridge that Intouch with Health is sponsoring.