Customer Testimonials

Intouch with Health takes a collaborative approach to all digital healthcare projects. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, instead taking time to fully understand the individual requirements of every customer.

We understand that different hospitals operate in different ways, and this is fully reflected in the bespoke design of each of our clients’ digital patient flow transformation projects.

You can read what our current customers have to say about working with Intouch below.


Judith Adams – Former COO at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

“I am pleased to write this testimonial regarding Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s experience with Intouch with Health for our Patient flow process.

“The Trust team was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with throughout the project. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they guided us throughout our Operational process flow. They were very thorough and flexible in developing a plan that suited our needs and unique requirements. The planned work and process were spelled out in detail and the statement of work objectives and expectations were met in full. I was most impressed with Intouch with Health’s flexibility in adapting to our specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us and our other providers, taking into account company size, styles, and personalities. Intouch with Health went above and beyond our expectations for the successful opening of Alder Hey in the Park.”


Mathew Swabey - Project Manager, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“In my view the introduction of the system has been a complete success. It has greatly improved the compliance of doctors completing outcome forms which has resulted in better capture of outpatient procedure and a dramatic increase in income”


Jonathan Lofthouse - Director of Turnaround & Transformation, Liverpool Women's NHS Trust

“The Trust chose to work with Intouch as the company has a track record of delivering patient flow management solutions to over 80 NHS Trusts in the UK. Computerising the outpatient flow system now means clinicians have access to a patient’s location instantly, therefore improving their productivity, giving them easy access to all patient information and enabling them to care for the patient in the most ‘holistic’ manner.

“This new technology allows tens of thousands of extra patients to be administered without any additional cost to the organisation. That has to be a benefit to the wider NHS.”


Suzanne Rodgers - former Programme Manager, ABMU Health Board

“A brand new building meant that any solution had to consider the new operational environment, as well as the requirements of multiple departments that were moving into the new building. We had to work with Intouch with Health to ensure that the new building met these needs.

“To date, over 160,000 patients have been moved through the department using some or all of the patient flow solution, providing a much improved hospital experience. Over 87% of patients have chosen to check themselves in on our kiosk, which has meant that our reception team has been able to deal with those who do need their attention more efficiently.”

The Views of the User - Specific comments on the system and implementation from service users and clinicians

Orthopaedic Consultant

  • We used the eOutcomes system yesterday in clinic.
  • It was quite easy to use, takes less than 30 seconds.
  • It will help ensure patients are coded properly on their pathway and that we do not lose out on income from injections, splint, walker boot, plaster etc.


Head of Service, Ophthalmology and eOutcomes clinical champion

  • The Ophthalmology department has been using eOutcomes since the beginning of March 2016. In my view the introduction of the system has been a complete success.
  • It has greatly improved the compliance of doctors completing outcome forms which has resulted in better capture of outpatient procedure and a dramatic increase in income.


Director of Transformation & Turnaround

  • The partnership we formed with Intouch has been hugely rich and hugely beneficial both for us, as an organisation, but also for our patients accessing our services.
  • Intouch invest a great deal of time on-site speaking to service users and clinical teams about what is needed as a product.


ENT and Respiratory Medicine Consultants

  • I was pleasantly surprised and it was a treat to have someone in person demonstrating a new system, much reduced the stress levels.
  • Easy and straight forward to use.
  • As a self-confessed technophobe I have to agree the system is ridiculously simple to use and easier than working out which version of the paper outcome form we should be on now.
  • It is very simple and clear to use.