Digitally Call Patients to Appointments


Electronically call patients to their appointment using wall-mounted screens, or via the Mobile app. Improves patient flow and clinic efficiency.
How it works

The Intouch with Health patient Calling system has been designed to improve patient flow and increase clinic efficiency.

Calling uses LCD screens to call forward a patient electronically to their clinic room or sub wait area once they have checked-in. The screens are activated in clinic by clinicians or nurses (via Flow Manager) and display the patient’s name (or alias ID) to advise them when the clinician is ready. The LCD screens are usually mounted to walls around waiting rooms.

Many NHS Trusts have taken the opportunity to introduce patient calling systems that are similar to those operated in airports, i.e. patients are called on a “just in time basis”.
Screens are also used to display information relating to clinic status such as ‘late’ or ‘moved’.  The screens support the visually impaired and include ‘escalation’ screens.

An inclusive solution

Calling, as with all the Intouch with Health solutions, aims to be as inclusive to as wide a range of patients as possible. For example, where a patient has registered as visually impaired the system will call them displaying black text on a yellow background. Trusts can set up escalation procedures based on locally defined times between the call and the arrival of the patient.

There is also the option to display other media or advertising that can be scheduled in a media management system incorporating news items or other key messages.

In addition, patients can be called forward for their appointments through their smartphones - via the Intouch with Health Mobile solution.

Key benefits
  • Staff can call patients to their appointments without leaving the clinical setting.
  • Call patients from the appropriate waiting rooms using wall-mounted LCD screens.
  • Call patients waiting outside the waiting room (supporting social distancing) via the Mobile app.
  • Includes security options such as anonymising patient identity should they so wish.
  • Patients flagged as visually impaired will be called displaying black text on a yellow background.
  • Delivers increased efficiency in patient flow.
  • Utilise the LCD screens for other purposes, such as displaying news items or other key messages to patients.