Self patient check-in kiosks


Hospital patient Check-in uses interactive kiosks to check patients in for their pre-booked outpatient appointment. Ensuring an efficient, stress-free arrival at hospital for patients that have a pre-booked appointment.
How it works - self patient check-in

Utilising self-service kiosks, patients check-in at the hospital using an intuitive, interactive touch-screen that reduces the need for reception staff to manually check-in patients for their appointment.

Increasing patient satisfaction and delivering quality improvements in a healthcare environment, Check-in reduces long check-in queues for patients, frees up hospital staff for other tasks and contributes to significant process improvements in the outpatient environment.

Patients are encouraged to check-in using the interactive kiosks with easy-to-read, interactive questions displayed to identify their appointment and update them as ‘arrived’ on the hospital’s patient administration system.

The system is flexible, for example, allowing the patient to just scan the barcode contained in their appointment letter.  The check-in process is also able to be used to confirm patient details and demographics. Multiple language options are available.

Once a patient has successfully checked-in, a customisable on-screen visual or message directs them to their wait location. Intouch currently achieves over 85% kiosk check-in rate across its NHS customer sites.

Key benefits
  • A fully digital healthcare record solution that updates to PAS / Flow Manager immediately.
  • Intuitive, easy to use self-service kiosks that deliver high patient usage.
  • A reduction in check-in queues, leading to increased patient satisfaction and better use of hospital staff time.
  • Function to update demographic details on screen, reducing requirement on reception staff.
  • Kiosks can be used to display way-finding maps.
  • Check-in is also available on Intouch Mobile Appointment Manager - supporting remote patient check-in so patients can check-in from outside the hospital building (supporting social distancing measures).
Remote patient check-in with Mobile

The Intouch Mobile Appointment Manager app enables hospital patients to check-in for their appointment when in close proximity to the hospital. As a result, patients can check-in and wait outside the hospital / inside their car until being called through the Mobile app to attend the appropriate waiting room.

Remote check-in process supports distancing and infection prevention measures as patients spend less time in hospital, and only enter when called by staff.

“A quick check-in process with no queues and clear instructions on where to wait, followed by discreet, clear instructions when the clinician is ready to see the patient makes a huge difference to their overall experience. Many patients have already commented on how easy and straight forward the process is.”Jeni Bradshaw, Digital Programme Manager at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust