Hospital Wayfinding - Digital Map from Intouch with Health


Wayfinding is a digital hospital map that improves patient experience and delivers quality improvement by helping patients navigate their way easily and efficiently around hospital buildings.
How it works - patient wayfinding

Putting the patient first, Wayfinding provides clear, easy-to-follow directions via Intouch's self Check-in kiosks, guiding patients to their destination on time and via the most direct route.

Trusts can choose to have Wayfinding maps integrated into the interactive check-in kiosks – and present a digital map to patients after they have completed their self check-in – or use standalone interactive kiosks at key locations to display digital maps. This is particularly beneficial for improving the patient experience and providing clear directions in large hospitals or outpatient clinics.

Wayfinding also significantly reduces time spent by hospital staff repeating directions to patients on a frequent basis, allowing for more value-added tasks to be completed.

Key benefits
  • Easy to use, interactive digital maps presented upon check-in to the patient.
  • Standalone Wayfinding kiosks available for directing patients in large hospitals.
  • Supports efficient handling of multiple appointments as patients find their way efficiently.
  • Reduces time spent by staff relaying verbal directions to patients.
  • Supports lowering patient anxiety and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Supports patients navigate their way to the correct clinic / waiting room on-time.
"Patients now flow into the department and are provided on screen with details of where they need to wait and confirmation of their appointment, and are then called to clinic rooms using TV screens that also give directions" Jonathan Lofthouse, Director of Transformation and Turnaround, Liverpool Women's NHS Trust.