iReceptionist from Intouch with Health


Connect patients and hospital visitors to your centrally organised/ remote reception team with iReceptionist. Extend your reception service reach to everywhere at anytime - including out-of-hours clinics. Improve social distancing measures, elevate the patient experience and realise significant operational efficiencies.

Support social distancing measures and shielding staff to work

iReceptionist enables patients and visitors to contact a centrally organised / remote reception team using a free-standing kiosk. As a result, patients and visitors are able to contact the Trust’s core reception team from any location at any site, any time. Staff do not need to be 'on-site / on the front line' and can work remotely to answer all queries from patients and visitors.

Informative live dashboard

The iReceptionist live dashboard informs the remote reception team when a new query arrives, how long the call has been waiting to be answered, and the caller's location (when using a kiosk). With just one click, operators are connected to the calls, ready to answer any query. The reception team can support hospital visitors and patients with a host of queries, including;

Meet patient needs and realise operational efficiencies

Analytics and reports provide an insight into query trends and service performance, supporting continuous improvement processes. Be prepared for multiple new scenarios including future pandemic outbreaks. Consolidate and maximise resources whilst increasing the Trust’s capability to handle new challenges and pressures, and embrace the ‘digital hospital’ model.

iReceptionist from Intouch with Health - access the remote reception team with a kiosk
“At King’s, we are seeking to re-imagine how care and services can be provided moving forward, and Intouch with Health’s iReceptionist solution will play a key role in our latest digital transformation project. This solution will support us to deliver rich, dynamic and high-quality services in a socially distanced format to patients and visitors alike. It will also enable us to pool reception resources where possible, into a centralised location, and elevate our reception service across our sites."Charlotte English, Senior Improvement Lead, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Why use iReceptionist?
  • Pool and consolidate Trust resources, realising cost-savings and operational efficiencies. Supports flexible reception teams - either centralised or dispersed (aligns to your Trusts workforce strategy)
  • Extend the reception service to all locations, across all Trust sites, at any time.
  • Improve the patient experience as the reception service is more convenient to access and available in all locations at any time.
  • Support isolated staff and staff with disabilities to work from home if required - if internal hospital systems support this process.
  • Improve staff safety by removing them from the front-line and possible face-to-face abuse.
  • Easily reposition the kiosks to new positions after analysing kiosk usage per-location.
  • Improve infection prevention and control measures by reducing face-to-face contact.
  • Kiosks are fitted with an anti-bacterial screen - the anti-bacterial coating kills 99.9% of microbial contamination.
  • Support managers improve the service and spot enquiry trends with analytics and reports.
  • Be prepared for new scenarios including another pandemic outbreak, resulting in staff needing to work remotely and
    footfall inside the hospital potentially increasing.
  • Chat bots will support staff answer frequently asked questions more efficiently than before, releasing time to spend with patients requiring personalised support.
Packed with features:
  • Live dashboard - the live dashboard informs the reception team when a new enquiry arrives. Details including how long the caller has waited supports the team prioritise calls. Caller location details support way-finding enquiries. The dashboard is appears as part of Flow Manager.
  • Analytics and reporting - support continuous improvement processes through a wealth of analytics and reports, such as which kiosks generate the most enquiries / which kiosks aren’t used often and any consistent trends in the queries.
  • User friendly interface - the user interface has been designed to be intuitive and extremely quick and easy to use for both patients and visitors, as well as the reception team, further supporting enquiries to be answered as quickly as possible.
  • Fixed locations and mobile - combine strategically located kiosks in high footfall areas alongside the app users access on their smart phones. Kiosks inform the reception team where the user is and the app extends the service beyond fixed locations.
  • High quality video and audio - the free-standing kiosks are fitted with a mini camera and twin speakers, providing users with sharp video and clear sound. Patients and visitors do not need to use a headset to use the system.
  • Chat bot - to further support the reception team, a chat bot feature will enable patients to receive answers to frequently asked questions, freeing the reception team to dedicate more time to more complex enquiries.
iReceptionist from Intouch with Health - operator dashboard
iReceptionist from Intouch with Health - operator dashboard during call

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