PAS/EPR Integration

Clinic Wait Time Manager from Intouch with Health is a digital dashboard that delivers effective healthcare management through efficient management of clinic wait times, problem areas and potential delays.

From the moment a patient checks-in for an appointment, Clinic Wait Time Manager updates them on clinic delays via the Hospital Self Check-in kiosk, Hospital Patient Calling screen or Mobile Appointment Manager – helping to improve the patient’s experience and manage expectations.

To do this, Clinic Wait Time Manager digitally captureskey points during the patient journey, including:

  • Patient’s time of arrival
  • Time of first call to department/sub wait area
  • Time of arrival/move to department/sub wait area
  • Time patient called for nurse assessment
  • Time nurses assessment started
  • Time nurses assessment departed
  • Time called for appointment (into clinic/consultation room)
  • Time appointment started
  • Time appointment finished
  • Time of appointment completion

Delivering true healthcare innovation, waiting times are calculated using the above information and a pre-set wait time parameter (e.g. 10 minute delay), and will automatically inform staff and patients via the selected channels if a delay is imminent.

Features of Hospital Clinic Wait Time Manager that delivers process improvements and more effective healthcare management include:

  • Allowing Trusts to define and set clinic wait time parameters
  • Improving communication to patients on clinic delays, from the point they arrive
  • Enabling staff to communicate individual clinic wait times from a central
  • Helping staff to identify potential bottlenecks and  problem areas early

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