Room & Resource Manager

Hospital Room & Resource Manager is more than just a digital calendar to book rooms. It supports hospital staff to efficiently manage clinic rooms and, importantly, clinic resources covering all aspects of bookings that are necessary for a particular activity.
How it works

Room & Resource Manager gives hospital staff instant access to details including room availability and real-time updates on the status of a meeting room including 'meeting waiting to start', 'meeting in progress' and 'meeting room available'.  It also captures resource needs and allows relevant resources to be allocated and booked in a timely way.

Staff can search the system for available rooms and suitable facilities and resources, and a calendar highlights available slots automatically with dialogue box for staff to instantly add meeting details. An email can also be sent within the system to notify the organiser of any amendments, and colour coded alerts inform staff of meeting room status in real-time.

Streamlining clinic room and resource bookings using this digital solution improves communication in hospital and healthcare settings by introducing digital innovation to simplify time-consuming tasks that often take longer than necessary.  Real-time visibility allows available resources to be managed more efficiently and effectively, especially when combined with Flow Manager to effectively control the flow of patients to clinics.

Key benefits
  • Improve room utilisation - one of our customers has recorded clinical room occupancy increase from 55% utilisation to 92% room utilisation since deploying Room & Resource Manager
  • A central, digital calendar and resource manager for efficient room and resource booking.
  • Improved, real-time, efficient communication of room booking for hospital staff.
  • Instant search function to establish room and resource availability, whether for administrative, operational or clinical use.
  • Integral email function to notify relevant parties of updates to booking status.

"The transformation of the Outpatients department is supplemented by the digital management of clinic allocation and room utilisation across our three sites using the central dashboard. Clinical staff can review room availability and arrange job plans accordingly with access to a clear view of clinics across the whole trust, which has previously been difficult to visualise."Jeni Bradshaw, Digital Programme Manager ,The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust
The first deployment

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust were the first site to introduce this technology at their new state of the art Acre Mill site deploying the screens across 74 locations.

Fully integrated with the Intouch Flow Manager solution, the digital signs across the Trust have been configured to provide the following functionality:

  • Outer room screens display Room Name, Clinic/ Meeting, and users during active session to inform staff.
  • Outer room screens display “In Use” during an active appointment and “Please knock” when there is no active appointment.
  • Session is stopped when the last patient is completed or next session is started.
Hospital Room & Resource Manager screenHospital Room & Resource Manager screenHospital Room & Resource Manager screen