Synopsis iQ

Synopsis iQ is the complete digital perioperative assessment platform, from initial questionnaire through to post-operative outcomes. Providing clarity, efficiency and value. Synopsis iQ can reduce cancellation rates, increase patient throughput, eliminate paper and printing costs, and reduce risk.

What is Synopsis iQ?

Synopsis iQ is a web-based pre-operative assessment system hosted by your NHS Trust, which enables better patient outcomes and reduced costs by:

  • Replacing current paper-based pre-operative assessment with the digital platform
  • Providing the tools and workflow to assess all patients digitally, efficiently and accurately
  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Including decision support with an ASA, or similar score
  • Being available from any networked Trust device
  • Integrating with existing IT systems
Surgery typically accounts for 40% of total hospital expenses, and it generates 70% of the revenue.

Why Does It Matter?

Synopsis iQ completely digitises the perioperative assessment journey, offering huge value, clarity and efficiency for the care team and patients, whilst generating the rewards that are quite simply out of reach unless digital is used. These rewards include;

  • Reduced cancellation rates
  • Improved staff utilisation
  • Increased patient throughput
  • Patients triaged faster
  • Reduced unnecessary pre-operative testing
  • Reduced risk from litigation
  • Paper elimination (including printing costs)

What features are included?

  • Patient screening to capture clear and accurate information, with options for patient self-completion (web / kiosk)
  • Triage points to streamline patients based on evidence, allowing the service to begin planning right away
  • Clinical assessment for high-risk patients, including in-depth clinical and anaesthetic investigations
  • Risk assessment highlighting risks associated with procedure, tailored for the individual patient
  • Planning covering setup, monitoring and protocols; evidence-based preparation for the procedure
  • Follow-up questionnaire recording post-operative outcomes and patient satisfaction with the service
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