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Virtual Clinics

Consolidate the management of virtual patients alongside physical patients with Virtual Clinics - the fully integrated virtual and video consultations solution. Supporting clinical teams deliver patient centred care anywhere, anytime. The future-proof virtual consultation solution.

Fully integrated, secure, future-proof, user-friendly

Virtual Clinics connects clinicians and patients virtually, removing the requirement for patients to attend hospital for their clinic appointment / consultation.

Virtual Clinics is the future-proof virtual consultation solution designed to fully integrate into the hospital's EPR / PAS and the Intouch Platform, while also being scalable for long-term patient care management practises.

Full EPR / PAS integration enables virtual patients to be easily managed alongside patients attending hospital, reducing data duplication, consolidating processes and smoothing patient flow. Integration with PAS also enables patients to be connected to their appointment through an automated, authenticated patient check-in process - which includes demographic checks.

Requiring minimal training and set-up time, Virtual Clinics offers an intuitive interface to new users and familiarity for existing users of the Intouch Platform. Patients check-in for their appointment using the same interface they would use at check-in kiosks at the hospital, they are then flowed into a virtual waiting room and called for their appointment by the clinician. Clinicians launch the video solution through the Flow Manager dashboard in just one click.

Phased deployment - A practical approach to integration

Virtual Clinics is deployed in three phases enabling the hospital to realise the immediate benefits of video consultations, while taking a practical approach to resource constraints across the NHS. Phases two and three will be deployed at an agreed, appropriate time when the hospital has the available resources to facilitate full integration.


A video consultation solution from the Intouch eco-system of approved partners is deployed enabling immediate video communication with patients.


Combines the phase one video solution with the Intouch Platform and hospital PAS to create a fully integrated solution with automated, authenticated check-in including demographic checks. Integration enables virtual patients to be managed alongside physical patients within the hospital. Managing virtual and physical patients together consolidates processes, avoids data duplication, releases cost savings and supports the scaling of virtual long-term patient care management.


Supports clinicians to manage the ever-increasing population and caseload demands by proactively managing patients in their homes, reducing pressure on front-line clinicians and hospital resources.

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Key features:
  • The video consultation solution is integrated with the hospital EPR / PAS and the Intouch Platform
  • Patient authentication is achieved via an automated, integrated check-in process including demographic checks
  • The authenticated check-in process protects the service from unauthorised access
  • The check-in process flows patients into the appropriate virtual waiting room, signalling to the clinician they are ready for the appointment
  • Virtual patients are managed alongside patients attending hospital - from authenticated check-in to digital outcomes
  • Virtual Clinics is easily scalable - designed for both rapid deployment and as a long-term care management solution
  • A streamlined, three-phased deployment ensures minimal disruption
  • Rapid, remote deployment is available (providing the hospital's technical infrastructure meets the minimum requirements)
  • No app or software download required for staff or patients
  • Intuitive design – minimal training required (mirroring the interfaces patients and clinicians already use if the Intouch Platform is deployed in the hospital)
  • Virtual Clinics is future-proof - it uses the latest technology and updates are easily released throughout the Intouch Platform framework
Hospital benefits:
  • Manage all patients (virtual and physical) in one integrated platform
  • Consolidate processes - reducing data duplication, saving time and releasing cost savings
  • Reduces staff and clinic room requirements – no requirement for clinicians to travel to different sites for different clinics
  • Clinicians avoid using multiple applications as a result of full integration
  • Reduces Did Not Attends (DNA's) due to greater convenience of attending a virtual appointment
  • Reduces strain on physical hospital environment
  • Supports clinicians manage increasing caseloads by managing patients from their home – including long-term care management
Patient benefits:
  • Provides patients with an improved experience and greater convenience over their appointments
  • Reduces requirement for patients to attend hospital to communicate with clinicians
  • Reduces travel costs and time as patients can ‘attend’ their appointment from anywhere
  • Reduces time off work / extra child care requirements that are often needed to attend hospital
  • Patients with long-term care support requirements / mobility issues / limited transportation etc. especially benefit from improved communication lines with clinicians
30 Million. The number of outpatient appointments that will be undertaken virtually by 2024, avoiding up to a third of face-to-face outpatient visits - the NHS 10 Year Plan.
What makes Virtual Clinics different?

Virtual Clinics is unlike most video consultation solutions as it offers full integration into the hospital’s PAS and the Intouch Platform. This smart integration enables the organisation and users to enjoy the benefits only one central platform can deliver – avoiding multiple separate software systems to facilitate end-to-end patient management.

Virtual Clinics from Intouch is also future proof and easily scalable for long-term care management. Using the latest video technology, future upgrades are easily synced through the Intouch Platform framework and the solution is designed to cope with increase demand as more patients adopt video consultations as their preference for communication with clinicians.

Reduce the cost of over-running clinics

Research from the Royal College of Physicians suggests 57% of outpatient clinics finish late every clinic or at least once a week. Overrun clinics continue to contribute heavily to mounting operating costs and increasing waiting times across the whole NHS. By using Virtual Clinics to reduce the volume of face-to-face appointments and overrun clinics, hospitals can realise significant savings.

How does Virtual Clinics work for clinicians?
  1. Clinician uses Flow Manager to view their full clinic list – whether face-to-face or virtual.
  2. If virtual, the clinician clicks the new Virtual Clinic icon on the dashboard (at the appointment time) which launches the video application.
  3. On completion, the clinician ends the call and completes their notes on EPR / PAS.
How does Virtual Clinics work for patients?
    1. Patient receives communication from hospital with URL and agreed appointment time.
    2. For the first appointment, the patient is requested to attend 5 / 10 mins early for set-up tests (broadband, camera, speaker and microphone) via our service.
    3. One checked-in using the same interface as the check-in kiosks at the hospital, the patient enters the virtual waiting room, waiting to be called forward by the clinician.
    4. At the end of the appointment, the clinician will update patient on the next steps, then end the call.
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