Rotherham expands use of Intouch’s digital patient flow technology to main hospital

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is set to further the digital transformation of its Outpatient department with the introduction of Intouch with Health’s Mobile Appointment Manager and Flow Manager technology at its main hospital.

The trust, which introduced Intouch’s digital patient check-in kiosks and patient calling screens at its Greenoaks, Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit and Rotherham Community Health Centre sites in October 2020, will now launch additional patient check-in kiosks and calling screens at Rotherham General Hospital.

Mobile check-in and patient calling technology

A significant new stage of the trust’s digital transformation project will also see the launch of Intouch with Health’s Mobile Appointment Manager technology, allowing outpatients to check in on arrival using an app on their smart phone or tablet when they are close to the hospital building.

By checking in using the app, patients can choose to avoid waiting rooms and instead wait in other areas including the hospital’s atrium, outside gardens, or in their cars before being notified to proceed to their scheduled appointment.

A central digital dashboard to manage patient flow

Charlotte Smith, Project Manager at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Flow Manager will allow our staff to manage each stage of the patient journey from a single location. They can quickly see which patients have arrived, which have not checked-in, if each patient is in the appropriate waiting room, if they have been called to see the clinician and when they have finished seeing the clinician.

“Flow Manager will allow our staff to manage each stage of the patient journey from a single location.”

“Clearly there are multiple benefits of this platform for both patients and staff, but one of the most important benefit of the Intouch Platform is the integration it provides with our Trust EPR. Joining-up systems and processes across the Trust is key to continuing to improve the patient experience and alleviate pressure on staff.”

David Warburton, Regional Sales Director at Intouch with Health, said: “We are delighted that, following the successful introduction of Intouch’s digital patient flow technology at its satellite sites, the trust has chosen to expand the use of the technology to its main hospital site.

“Significant to the second stage of the trusts digital transformation of outpatients is the introduction of Mobile Appointment Manager, which will help manage the trust’s 250,000 outpatient appointments per year by allowing patients to check-in for their appointment from their car or another outdoor area close to the hospital as examples, giving them much more freedom over where they choose to wait before they are called forward for their appointment.”

He continued: “The introduction of digital self-check-in kiosks for patients to register their own arrival and calling screens to display clinic waiting times and call patients forward to their clinician has already proved successful with patients and staff alike, helping to reduce check-in queues, support social distancing measures and improve communication between staff and patients.

“Intouch is looking forward to supporting the trust with the next stage of digital transformation at Rotherham General Hospital.”

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust