Launching the Synopsis re-brand with a new logo

Following the acquisition of Synopsis Healthcare by Intouch with Health in August 2019, we are thrilled to reveal a slight, yet significant update to the Synopsis brand and logo.

The Synopsis branding has been updated to be clearer about the type of company Synopsis is, and to proudly demonstrate its relationship with Intouch with Health, and that it is part of the Intouch patient journey platform.

The Synopsis brand colours have remained the same, rather than adopting the distinctive Intouch with Health blue and grey brand colours, ensuring that Synopsis retains the brand familiarity it has successfully built up over the years.

The largest update is in the new refined font which better suits the precise nature of what Synopsis does, and where the Synopsis solutions operate within a hospital. This new font also improves how the Synopsis logo sits alongside Intouch with Heath’s logo, by incorporating the Intouch circular icon.

A short animation has been released showing how the new logo has grown out of the previous logo, showing the update is both slight, yet significant - this can be viewed on our LinkedIn page here.

Synopsis can help NHS Trusts make quick, yet significant improvements with their pre-operative assessment process. Synopsis allows hospitals to manage the entire perioperative assessment process digitally - from initial questionnaire through to post-operative outcomes.

Synopsis is the for-purpose electronic patient record for preoperative assessment services. It provides functionality for the entire preoperative process, for staff and patients. Leading functionality, chosen by NHS Trusts across the UK. Synopsis improves the patient experience by reducing triage time, and even possibly reducing the frequency of hospital visits. Synopsis also allows hospitals to increase patient throughput, cut cancellation rates, reduce costs (including paper and printing costs), and reduce risk.

To find out more about Synopsis, and how your perioperative assessment process can be improved, please contact one of the team on or visit the Synopsis website here.

Synopsis Logo