Collaboration delivers integrated virtual consultations to the NHS

Intouch with Health is pleased to announce a series of unprecedented collaborations with several industry-leading virtual consultation providers.

This new eco-system of collaboration delivers a fully integrated virtual consultation solution to NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations - even if a video consultation process has already been deployed.

Virtual Clinics from Intouch with Health now integrates with virtual consultation solutions from Visionable, Healthcare Communications, Modality Systems and DrDoctor. Attend Anywhere will also be included within this eco-system of collaboration.

Virtual Clinics was scheduled for release in late 2020, however, in response to the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, its release has been accelerated to support hospitals connect clinicians with patients remotely and safely.

Improving efficiency with collaboration and integration

To date, virtual and video consultations have often been isolated systems, separate from hospital systems such as EPR and PAS.

Without integration, operational processes such as authenticating the patient’s identity and matching them to their appointment / clinician has been very challenging. Digitally recording the appointment outcome (including completing the consultation with any notes / actions or scheduling a follow-up appointment) has been equally challenging.

With a fully integrated virtual consolation solution, operational efficiency, and user experience (for both clinicians and patients) is significantly improved.

The key challenge hospitals are facing

Mike Sanders, CEO at Intouch with Health explains: “A key focus for us has been how to support the NHS marry up the patient and the clinician, and collate all the relevant data from these remote consultations and put that into the necessary systems to aid efficiency. That is the challenge hospitals are facing.

The use of virtual consultations has grown out of necessity due to COVID-19. Importantly, they have the ability to change the way some aspects of care will be delivered in the long-term. However, these developments will only be sustainable if the process is embedded into the healthcare way of working, resulting in greater ease-of-use, and providing clinicians with the same means they require to manage patients physically, as well as now virtually, within the hospital.

We understand that resources are being stretched by the outbreak of COVID-19 and deploying a new solution in the current environment will be challenging.

As a result, we have designed Virtual Clinics to be deployed in streamlined phases, and to integrate with other virtual consultation processes – delivering one cohesive, fully integrated system, on the same platform, with significant and documented benefits.”

Contact the team on for further details on Virtual Clinics.

For further information on the providers within the eco-system, please visit their websites: Visionable, Healthcare Communications, Modality Systems and DrDoctor.

Virtual Clinics - integrated virtual consultations from Intouch with Health